Success Stories

The best proof, that a concept really works is the success in the market, sustainable success over several years, not only a shortterm increase in revenue and GP.

As a team we have done international projects in various industries ranging from Electronics, Batteries, Energy Storage, Food Ingredients to Safety Detection Devices. All done from basic analysis incl. strategy development and implementation to running the business on a daily basis. 

Let´s take a look at some of the exceptional projects we all did over the years in various industries.

Case Study 1

Implementation of a new Sales / Marketing approach for the North American branch of a european manufacturer 

Major multi-national battery manufacturer, OEM and consumer batteries, 

Initial Situation         
Market leader for consumer batteries in a european country with high market share
Market share in the US less than 1 %
Brand awareness poor, literally unknown in the USA
On a low level stagnating sales volumes
Poor profitability

Define new Go-to-Market strategy for the US retail business
Find and set up new distribution channels
Set up a new sales & marketing approach
Increase sales volume of Alkaline batteries dramatically
Set the basis for sustainable profitability
Increase market share in defined market segments  

Solution / Approach     
Definition of a unique niche strategy for the north American market
Sole focus on photo and drugstore segments as basis for initial growth strategy
Introduction of volume driver Private Label business
Successful addition of 2 major private label key accounts within the first year
Installation of 3 major nationwide distributors
Concept and Implementation of a successful marketing campaign incl. promotional shop material 

Increase of sales volume by factor 10 within 2 years
Substantial market share increase in the photo and drugstore segments
Basis set for sustainable profitability

Case Study 2

Develop and implement market entry South East Asia for german software developer

Medium sized software developer for infrastructure management tools, HQ in southern Germany, dauhter company and sales structure already established in the USA,   

Initial Situation         
Main product distribution in Germany and North America only
No representation in South East Asia
Strategic decision made to set up a regional presence and penetrate the Asia / Pacific market

Define new Go-to-Market strategy for the SEA business
Set up a regional location / hub incl. infrastructure in Singapore
Define market segments and regions for a successful market entry
Define key customers and place Proof of Concept (POC) contracts
Get the company name on the map in SEA 


Solution / Approach     
Start Up location set up in the German Center with limited space / cost
Hiring local staff for optimized cultural market access
Definition of main target segments: Telecom and Data Centers
Definition of major key accounts SingTel, M1 and StarHub, OCBC, UBS in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta
Define a networking strategy
Organization of key customer presentations
POC organization and monitoring
Expo participation and lobbying


Interim location set up in Singapore within 2 weeks, final office set up after 2 months
3 system integrators / distributors for the software suite trained and activated
130 potential customers identified and product presentations made within the first year
Price and Use-concepts (SaaS etc.) developed and offered 
10 POC´s started within the first year 
Business sustainable and taken over by company own employees

More to come