1. Consulting - International Business Development

  • Go-to-Market Strategies 
  • Analysis

  • Strategy Development
  • Concept
  • Implementation

2. Networking / Representation

  • Connecting people
  • Opening Doors
  • Sales Representation
  • Lead Generation
  • Lobbying
  • Ambassadorship

3. Interim Management

  • Day-to-Day Management
  • Hands on
  • Experienced
  • Global, Regional or Local
  • Set-Up of regional / local offices

Three main areas characterize the expertise of our professional approach

Beside performing all classical Business Development tasks, we support our clients in finding and making the right professional connections. We build your network by using our contacts and open doors for you. We find the right locations and set up offices that meet your standards. We take over standard sales representation roles, generate leads for new business opportunities andif necessary, we provide interim management for a fast build up of your business.


International GoToMarket Strategies
We are your global strategy partner.

Based on a solid analysis we develop individual strategies and implementation concepts to enter foreign markets. StartUps and established small or medium sized companies often face the challenge of finding the right market approach.

We have developed numerous concepts for companies entering foreign markets. We understand cultural differences and regional necessities and through our global network of local experts we are able to deliver the right concept for your needs.

Beside the overall GoToMarket Strategy there are various topics, that are relevant when it comes to entering new markets. From location search, branding and communication style, technical product adaption incl. product approvals to production set up and field sales team organization.

We support you from concept to implementation, hands on and always in close communication with the stakeholders.

Networking & Representation

We open doors for you.

In the end it is all about knowing the right people and opening the right doors. We support you by offering our network to build up yours. We help you making the right connections, finding the best business partners and setting up the most valuable meetings.

Our local experts can rely on a vast network of business contacts and we are more than happy to make this available to you. 

We are your local sales team

Not only do we open the doors for you. We can also act in your name, prepare negotiations and solicit business for our customers. We offer to be your local sales organization in case you do not want to start with a big organization right from the start. Our Lead generation and follow up efforts will build the foundation for your successful start in foreign markets.

Interim Management

We get you started and manage your business.

To find the right management for a successful start is often very difficult.  We help you get started, accompany your delegates and lead the way to a sustainable and profitable business development. We are there, hands on on a daily basis as long as you need the support. 

Various competencies

We have access to local experts in a lot of different professions. From Sales, Marketing and Controlling to Production Management and Supply Chain - we support you in your operational tasks whereever we can. 

Special Focus: Entering foreign market places 

Are you
- coming to Europe or
- setting sail for South East Asia or
- going to conquer the US market?

Foreign markets are always a real challenge to go after. Don´t underestimate the special local environment and the difference in culture. The methods that have proven to be very successful in your home markets might get you into a disaster overseas. 

At SCHELLERT International we have experienced and seasoned professionals to help small and medium sized companies to understand the new markets, to set the right targets and we help to design the right basis for sustainable business success.

We support you
* to make the right connections
* to analyze, strategize and implement the concept that fits your needs and the markets
* to explore and adapt to new foreign markets
* to manage your new foreign entity or office

We roll up the sleeves and are there for you, hands on.